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Rev. Robert F. "Bob" Poandl, g.h.m.

Summary of Case: A priest of the Glenmary Home Missioners, which serves in rural areas of the U.S., Poandle was accused in 2009 of having sexually abused a 10 year-old OH boy on a trip to West Virginia in 1991. After a police investigation he was charged in Jan. 2010 with sexual abuse. The charges were dropped in August and Poandl was returned to ministry in Georgia in Sept. 2010. In Feb. 2012 a second person reported having been sexually abused by Poandl nearly 30 years previously. Poandl was again removed from public ministry, and returned to Glenmary headquarters in Fairfield, OH. Poandl maintained he was not guilty. In Nov. 2012 Poandl was indicted on federal charges of transporting a minor across state lines for illicit purposes, related to the 2009 accusation that he sexually abused an OH boy in WV in 1991. Poandl pleaded not guilty. He was placed on house arrest with GPS monitoring pending trial.   Ordained: 1968

Cincinnati, OH, US Departement of Justice, "Jury convicts priest of illegal interstate transportation of a minor", September 20, 2013.

Poandl_Robert_1980s_pic  Poandl_Robert_photo  Poandl_Robert_mugshot

Cincinnati, OH, US Department of Justice, "Priest Sentenced To 90 Months In Prison For Illegal Interstate Transportation Of A Minor", February 12, 2014.

Victim Impact Statement to US District Court, Southern District of Ohio

Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes

Natchez-Jackson bishop was Joseph Bernard Brunini (1967-1984)

1973 St. Francis Aberdeen MS 3/3, 2/2,1/2,1/1
1968 1973 St. Helen's Armory MS This was a mission of St. Francis in Aberdeen.
1968 1973 Immaculate Heart of Mary Houston MS This was a mission of St. Francis in Aberdeen.
1968 1973 St. Theresa's Okolona MS This was a mission of St. Francis in Aberdeen.
1968 1973 Christ the King Fulton MS This was a mission of St. Francis in Aberdeen.
1973 1974 Mifflintown/Doylesburg PA Poandl is indexed in the 1974 Directory as at St. Francis in Aberdeen, but he is not listed as there in the Natchez-Jackson diocesan pages. This placement is per the Glenmary website. The time frame for Poandl's placement in Mifflintown/Doylesburg is not indicated, but it may have been between his stints in Aberdeen and New Orleans.

New Orleans archbishop was Philip Matthew Hannan (1965-1988)

1975 Glenmary House of Studies New Orleans LA Director This was an undergraduate house of studies at Loyola University for Glenmary priesthood and brotherhood candidates.

Cincinnati archbishop was Joseph Louis Bernardin (1972-1982)

1979 Motherhouse of Glenmary Home Missions Fairfield OH House Director; Second Vice-President

Atlanta archbishop was

1981 St. Luke's Dahlonega GA 1/1
1979 1981 St. Paul the Apostle Cleveland GA This was a mission of St. Luke's in Dahlonega.
1979 1981 St. Francis of Assisi Blairsville GA This was a mission of St. Luke's in Dahlonega.
1979 1981 U.S. Ranger Camp Dahlonega GA This was a station of St. Luke's in Dahlonega.
1981 1988 St. Francis of Assisi


Poandl was accused in Feb. 2012 of having sexually abused an anonymous person "nearly 30 years ago".

GA 1/1
1981 1988 St. Paul the Apostle

Cleveland GA This was a mission of St. Francis of Assisi in Blairsville.
Franklin KY Administrator

Cincinnati archbishop was Daniel Edward Pilarczyk (1982-2009)

1994 Headquarters of Glenmary Home Missioners


A 28 year-old Cincinnati man reported to the Glenmary order in June 2009 that Poandl sexually abused him in 1991 when the man was 10 years-old. The man said the abuse occurred during a trip to Spencer, West Virginia, at the Holy Redeemer parish rectory.

OH Acting Vocation Director 1988-1990; Vocation Director 1990-1994 Police said Poandl traveled to W.VA one weekend in Aug. 1991 to fill-in for a Holy Redeemer priest, and that he brought the boy with him.

Tyler bishop was Edmond Carmody (1992-2000)

1999 Holy Cross Pittsburg TX 1/1 Holy Cross had a religious education program with 58-140 students.

Tulsa bishop was Edward James Slattery (1993-)

2003 Immaculate Conception Hugo OK 1/1 Immaculate Conception had a religious education program with 41-29 students.
1999 2003 St. Jude Boswell OK This was a mission of Immaculate Conception in Hugo.
2003 2007 Headquarters of Glenmary Home Missioners Fairfield OH 1st Vice-President; Director of Education

Savannah bishop was John Kevin Boland (1995-2011)

June 2009 St. Christopher's Claxton GA 1/1
2007 June 2009 St. Jude Glenville GA This was a mission of St. Christopher's in Claxton.
2007 June 2009 Holy Cross Pembroke GA This was a mission of St. Christopher's in Claxton.
2007 June 2009 Our Lady of Guadalupe Sandhill GA This was a mission of St. Christopher's in Claxton.

June 2009
Cincinnati archbishop was Dennis Marion Schnurr (2009-)

Sept. 2010 Administrative Leave/Headquarters of Glenmary Home Missioners Fairfield OH

Poandl was charged in Jan. 2010 by West Virginia State Police with first-degree sexual abuse, first-degree sexual assault and sexual abuse by a custodian, after investigating a June 2009 report that a 10 year-old boy had been abused by Poandl at a W.VA parish in 1991.

Glenmary president, Rev. Dan Dorsey, stated that after learning of the allegations in June 2009 he removed Poandl from public ministry in Georgia and had him return to Glenmary headquarters in Cincinnati.

Poandl pleaded not guilty to the charges. The case was dismissed in Aug. 2010 by a judge who said that not all of the accuser's medical records had been turned over to the court, as he had ordered.

Sept. 2010
Boland was succeeded as Savannah bishop by Gregory John Hartmayer, O.F.M. Conv. (2011-)

Feb. 2012 St. Christopher's Claxton GA Poandl returned to public ministry in Georgia Sept. 25, 2010.
Sept. 2010 Feb. 2012 Holy Cross Pembroke GA This was a mission of St. Christopher's in Claxton.
Sept. 2010 Feb. 2012 Our Lady of Guadalupe Sandhill GA This was a mission of St. Christopher's in Claxton.
Feb. 2012 Administrative Leave/Headquarters of Glenmary Home Missioners Fairfield OH

Poandl was removed from plublic ministry a second time in Feb. 2012, after an allegation of sexual abuse that is said to have occurred "nearly 30 years ago" surfaced. Poandl denied the accusations.

Poandl was indicted by a federal grand jury in Nov. 2012 on charges that in 1991 he transported a 10 year-old boy across state lines for illicit purposes. This is the same case for which charges were previously dropped on a technicality. Poandl pleaded not guilty and was released on his own recognizance. He was placed on house arrest, with GPS monitoring.

In Dec. 2012 Poandl requested and was granted permission to travel to New York for medical treatment. His trial, which was to begin in January 2013, was postponed until March 18, 2013.


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Ohio Priest Accused of Abuse in Released, San Francisco Chronicle, December 19, 2012

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This assignment record was last updated on Jan. 6, 2013


Timeline from Glenmary Home Missioners

Poandl_Robert_photo.jpgGlenmary Home Missioners
4085 Glenmary Trace
Fairfield, OH 45014


“When we Catholics live our faith joyfully, lettting it change our marriages, our families, our priesthod, then people will be drawn to 'come and see' what it is that we have and our Church will be transformed—so we can better transform society."

Biographical Information:
Hometown — Metuchen, N.J.
Home Diocese — Metuchen, N.J.

Formation History:
First Oath — 05/19/62
Perpetual Oath — 02/17/67
Ordination — 05/04/68
Date of Entry into Glenmary— 09/13/59

Formal Education:
A.B. — Athenaeum of Ohio
Our Lady of the Fields, Cincinnati, Ohio
M.Div. — St. Meinrad Seminary
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico — Centro de Idioma y Cultura Latino Americana

Assignment History:
Claxton/Pembroke/Sandhill, Ga.—Pastor
Cincinnati, Ohio — First Vice President
Hugo, Okla. — Pastor
Pittsburgh, Texas — Pastor
Pittsburgh/Mount Vernon, Texas — Pastor
Cincinnati, Ohio — Vocation Dir.
Cincinnati, Ohio — Vocation Counselor
Franklin, Ky. — Administrator
Blairsville, Ga. — Pastor
Dahlonega, Ga. — Pastor
Cincinnati, Ohio — House Dir.
Cincinnati, Ohio — Second Vice President
New Orleans, La. — House Dir.
Mifflintown/Doylesburg, Pa. — Administrator
New Orleans, La. — House Dir.
Aberdeen, Miss. — Pastor
Aberdeen, Miss. — Assoc. Pastor
Aberdeen, Miss. — Pastoral Year


Letter and statement from Bishop of Tyler, TX to SNAP  and parisioners, 03-17-2010.

Letter from SNAP to Bishop Schnurr

SNAP_Statement , "Trial_vs_Accused_predator_priest_dismissed:_SNAP_Responds", 08-30-2010.

SNAP blasts WV bishop
 He lets accused predator priest do letter to parishioners
Statement by  Barbara Dorris, SNAP Outreach Director 314 503 0003 cell,
We're shocked and angry that Wheeling's Catholic bishop let one of his priests read a letter from an accused child molesting cleric to parishioners last Sunday.

link to news article with letter....
Let's be clear: this alleged predator, Fr. Robert F. Poandl, was not 'cleared.' A judge determined that the defense lawyers hadn't gotten all of the documents they should have gotten before trial. That's all. There has been no determination of guilt or innocence.
And prosecutors can appeal the judge's ruling. Poandle may yet face criminal charges.
It's worth noting that the accused offender's supervisors are not declaring Poandl innocent.
Wheeling's bishop should be ashamed of himself. His callous and reckless move may well have deterred another victim, witness or whistleblower from speaking up and getting help.
He took a needless and possibly hurtful risk, just so an accused child molester could 'spin' a court ruling on a legal technicality.


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"Poandl trial dismissed" news links:


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